Without the following substances which damage the skin barrier


Emulsifiers are used in many cosmetic products to bind water and oil. The skin stores this substance in its upper layers, which leads, for example, to the removal of lipids when washing the skin. Due to this leaching effect, the skin permanently loses its body protective components, which leads to a disruption of the skin barrier. As a result, emulsifiers cause dry, sensitive skin. Since our product has been developed for people who suffer from sensitive, dry skin, all our products have been developed without these emulsifiers.


Perfumes are used in almost all cosmetic products. It is not easy to do without them. In Germany, there is a reporting requirement for cosmetics, but usually only a generic term is used on the products, such as 'perfume' or 'aroma'. They can be a problem for people who are allergic to one or more ingredients. To reduce the risk for sensitive skin types, we have decided to market our products without perfume. Our creams and serums therefore have a pleasant, neutral fragrance.


Silicone is a synthetic material extracted from petroleum. It can be used in a wide range of applications, including skin care products. The short-term effect of this ingredient is a soft, velvety skin. The problem is that the occlusive film that the silicones leave on the skin hinders long-term, natural regeneration of the skin. Because the goal of our products is to actively support the skin's self-healing capacity, silicone as a natural ingredient is no longer an option. Instead, we use high-quality vegetable oils to achieve optimal results in the long term.


Preservatives are used to ensure a longer shelf life of products. Only a certain amount of them should be used in cosmetic products, otherwise hypersensitivity may occur. Preservatives interfere with metabolism and other vital microorganisms. People with a disrupted skin barrier should certainly avoid preservatives because their skin reacts more sensitively to them.

Mineral oils (paraffin)

Paraffins are similar to silicones and are also obtained from petroleum. Their effect is similar as well. They retain moisture in the skin so that it feels soft and velvety. However, they affect the skin's self-regeneration because it is no longer able to breathe. Dryness is one of the main consequences. Mineral oils are occlusive and make it impossible for the skin to function normally.