Skin problems

  • Very dry skin

Is the result of a significantly disturbed skin barrier and occurs when the loss of moisture and skin lipids is no longer compensated.

Dry skin in the face will make someone look tired and pale. Sometimes fine skin flakes and red spots appear and wrinkles develop. The skin itches, feels tight and becomes rough and scaly.

The symptoms can have many causes, both internal and external. On the one hand, predisposition and skin type play an important role. On the other hand, there may be pathological causes, such as neurodermitis, contact eczema, psoriasis, metabolic and hormonal disorders, a slow working thyroid gland, diabetes, zinc deficiency,....

Possible external causes that influence the dryness of the skin: weather and wind, sunlight, frequent contact with water, lack of skin care, clothing, cleaning products,...

Causes that give rise to extra dry skin: insufficient hydration, sweating, smoking, alcohol, stress, medication,...

In any case, it is important to take good care of dry skin and maintain the skin barrier. This is the only way to break the vicious circle behind dry skin. For daily use, we recommend the BR Barrier Repair cream from the Zeitschild Derma Systems product range.

  • Hypersensitive skin

Although dry skin is sensitive, not all skin sensitivity is caused by dryness. In general, skin is sensitive if it becomes irritated and red very quickly. With dry skin, this can be due to cold/heat or incorrect care. Sensitive skin often reacts strongly to certain ingredients in cosmetics and care products. These ingredients must comply with strict legal regulations. However, they are generally made for normal skin types and often cause irritation in people with sensitive skin. Moreover, it is not only the ingredients themselves that matter, but often also the quality of the specific ingredients.

Emulsifiers, perfumes, silicones, preservatives, dyes and mineral oils (paraffin) are examples of commonly used ingredients that can cause allergic and sensitive skin.

  • Allergic skin

In case of an allergy, the immune system has a hypersensitive reaction to certain substances. This overreaction of the immune system targets harmless substances that are normally well tolerated. In this case, the body reacts by the overproduction of antibodies, cells and messengers, such as histamine to combat perceived intruders.

All possible allergic reactions, visible or invisible, can be associated with almost all forms of allergic side effects, including life-threatening situations!

Having allergic skin means that the skin reacts allergically to substances with which it has been in contact. Symptoms can range from redness and swelling to itching and rash. Allergic skin, like sensitive skin, reacts strongly to ingredients in cosmetics and toiletries. But many other substances can also cause allergic reactions: metals, perfume, animal hair, plants, food, washing powder, fabric softeners, dyes,...

By avoiding emulsifiers and other above-mentioned ingredients in skin care products, we substantially reduce the risk of allergic skin reactions, especially in the face!

If the skin is experiencing a period of acute sensitivity, we recommend the use of Zeitschild Derma Systems products, such as AR Serum, BR Cream and BC Cream.


  • Damaged skin after treatments

  • Neurodermatitis

Neurodermatitis (lichen simplex) is a hereditary, non-contagious inflammation of the skin that affects almost 4 million people in Germany alone.

Especially children, but also adults, suffer from symptoms that cause extremely dry, scaly, inflamed skin and severe itching. In addition, peeling of the skin always occurs, usually on the elbows, knees, throat or face. The equilibrium within the skin is upset by various factors which are often difficult to avoid such as washing, cold or sunshine.

In patients with neurodermatitis, the skin barrier is damaged and a considerably lower density of protective lamellar structures is observed. Although this disease cannot be cured, it can be kept under control. Proper skin care is extremely important here.

In order to alleviate or prevent inflammatory reactions in the skin, we have identified the main factors responsible for itching, redness or skin overreaction and have focused specifically on effective substances. Our OLT® technology not only treats the symptoms, but also actively supports skin regeneration by reproducing the structures of a healthy skin barrier.

Our products have been specially developed for therapeutic support and are also suitable for young children.

  • Atopic eczema

The word 'atopy' comes from Greek and means 'to swell' or 'to bring to boil'. It is typically a long-lasting, non-contagious inflammation of the epidermis, i.e. the upper layer of the skin.

Eczema is an overreaction of the skin to environmental stimuli. It can be triggered by, among other things, increased sebum production, dehydration of the skin and skin bacteria.

There are different types of eczema, e.g. contact eczema, which is caused by direct contact with damaged skin or allergens. This type of eczema is often related to a specific occupation. Atopic dermatitis (or constitutional eczema) is eczema caused by a genetic predisposition.

Because many people experience some form of eczema in the course of their lives, they are often able to recognize the following symptoms: extreme redness, swelling, and itchy skin that develops into highly itchy blisters over time. The skin then becomes dry and scabs develop. This process can take months or even years.

The skin structure of people suffering from eczema differs significantly from that of people with healthy skin. The Zeitschild Derma Systems products focus on the main factors responsible for itching, redness, etc. Not only do they treat the symptoms, but they also support the skin's own protective mechanisms thanks to our OLT® technology, reproducing the structures of a healthy skin barrier.

  • Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease that affects about two to three percent of the population. The cause is a flaw in the immune system.

Psoriasis is characterized by a sharply defined red patch and itching, as well as silvery-white areas on the skin.

The onset of the disease can have many causes and its course is totally unpredictable. Many patients suffer from relapses, with the disease sometimes worsening and sometimes almost disappearing. In others, the disease always remains stable.

Psoriasis is a chronic disease, but its symptoms can be alleviated by efficient treatment. Skin care is particularly important in the affected areas and is a prerequisite for other therapies.

Our Derma concept for psoriasis patients not only treats the symptoms, but also helps to restore the skin by reproducing the structure of a healthy skin barrier. The Zeitschild products from the Derma Systems product range have been specifically developed for therapeutic support and are optimally tailored to patients' needs.