Skin care in winter. What does your skin need?

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When the weather gets colder, you may experience drier skin. Did you know that you don't have to change your entire skincare routine? You may need something extra, but your skin type is still the same. Adding one or two products can be enough for just that little bit of extra hydration and care.

The cold air in winter rubs against your skin and can damage the skin barrier. This makes your skin less able to retain or absorb moisture and other nourishing ingredients, making your skin drier and more sensitive. This in turn accelerates the skin aging process.

Not only the (outdoor) air has a drying effect, the metabolism of your skin also changes in the cold winter months. Your sebaceous glands, which provide a greasy protective layer, are less active at lower temperatures.

But don't worry, you can keep your skin calm, smooth and super hydrated by adding winter essentials that lock in moisture, nourish your skin and prevent the cold environment from affecting your natural glow.

Read our tips here to get through the winter with a radiant shine:  

Night cream: One of the most important care components there is, in all seasons. What many people don't know is that our skin absorbs substances much better at night than during the day. A night cream ensures that the skin looks good again during the day. At night the skin enters its 'recovery process', when we give the skin sufficient nutrition through a night cream, the skin will recover optimally!  

Protect dry lips in winter : Lips are sensitive to the cold weather as they produce less oil than the rest of your face. So take care of them a little more during the cold months, for example with our Lip Contour cream serum. The fast-absorbing and light cream serum reduces the small wrinkles around the lips. The lip contour becomes smoother and gains volume.  

Beautiful, soft hands, softens dry winter hands: Taking care of your face is excellent, but don't forget your hands either! They too are exposed to the negative effects of the elements. So remember to take care of your hands Nourishing and moisturizing hand cream for sensitive skin. Hands are the parts of the body that are often exposed to the cold and then back to the heat. They often become wrinkly and dry. Applying a good hand cream once or twice a day already works wonders.  

Soothe dry spots around your eyes: The fragile skin around your eyes can often use something extra in winter. With that harsh wind you squeeze your eyes much more often, so that those fine lines can raise their heads earlier. So lubricate! It's never too early (or too late!) to use a special cream for your eyes. An excellent remedy for wrinkles and crow's feet. Our Eye Contour cream serum with firming anti-wrinkle formula offers a long-lasting solution.  


Take in fluids: Make sure you drink enough, about eight glasses of water a day. This is just about the cheapest beauty tip out there, yet most people forget to drink. Hydration from the inside shows on the outside. So drink plenty of water for well-hydrated, radiant skin.  


Stimulate your skin's blood circulation: A well-circulated skin transports heat better and absorbs moisture and nutrition from care products more intensively. You stimulate blood flow by keeping moving, taking an alternating bath (cold-warm) every now and then and regularly massaging your face.  


It is always important to take good care of your skin. In the winter months you need some extra care. If you suddenly suffer from dry, tight skin in the winter, it is important to ensure that you protect your skin barrier and repair it when necessary.  

Our nourishing care products:

Active Relief Serum:
Protecting the skin better against the cold also means nourishing it to the core. The serum penetrates the dermis and immediately soothes the tightness and discomfort.


Daycare Empire:
Everything your skin barrier needs to defy the cold. This will mimic, strengthen and nourish your natural skin layer so that it remains hydrated and protected for 24 hours.

The use of ingredients such as ceramides and free fatty acids contribute to the construction and support of your skin barrier.

AR Serum:

  • Instant calming effect
  • Rapid regeneration of very sensitive, troubled and/or allergic skin.
  • Nourish the skin from within

BR Cream:

  • Restore natural skin barrier structure
  • Moisturizing and nourishing effect
  • Protecting the barrier against external influences

If you want to know more information about our skin care products or have other questions you want to ask us?

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